Turning Skiers Into Climate Voters with the Advocacy Potential of NRA

"The winter sports industry has millions of die-hard athletes who don’t want to lose their playgrounds, and it’s starting to mobilize them."

"With rising global temperatures threatening to limit the skiing season and even warm some resorts out of existence, major ski companies are turning to their customers for help in the fight against climate change. Their goal: turn millions of snow-lovers into climate voters.

'The industry's much bigger, much more rabid, maybe more powerful and wealthy than the gun lobby, and yet we have no power,' said Aspen Ski Co.'s Auden Schendler, pointing out that 10 million skiers logged about 59 million visits to U.S. resorts last winter.
2019 Year in Review

'How do you mobilize that?' he asked. 'Weaponize the outdoor community as a political movement.'

That means venturing beyond the corporate sustainability campaigns already underway at resorts and ski companies, such as pressing local utilities to switch from coal to renewables, signing letters to policy makers and sending snow sport celebrities to lobby Congress."

Judy Fahys reports for InsideClimate News December 29, 2019.

Source: InsideClimate News, 12/30/2019