"We Should Eat More Plants. Here’s Which Ones Are Best For The Planet."

"So you’re thinking about eating more plants?

You’re in good company. Whether people are actually doing it, they’re certainly thinking and talking about it. A recent poll from Oklahoma State University that’s still undergoing peer review puts the number of American adults who say they’re vegan or vegetarian at 10 percent (a number consistent with other polls I’ve seen). Meanwhile, flexitarianism has also become a thing, and plant messages are everywhere.

Is carbon-neutral beef possible or a pipe dream? Soil may offer clues.

Plants themselves, not so much. So far, there’s no evidence that people are actually eating more of them — and meat consumption hasn’t decreased — but if you’re gonna do something, talking and thinking about it is a necessary first step.

Eating more plants gives you lots of room to maneuver because there are lots of kinds of plants. But, from a climate perspective, they’re not created equal; some are way better than others. If climate impact is one of the things making plants climb your personal dinner chart, it helps to know which tread most lightly on our earth."

Tamar Haspel reports for the Washington Post November 1, 2022.

Source: Washington Post, 11/03/2022