"A Web Of Front People Conceals Environmental Offenders In The Amazon"

"A paper trail left by a notorious land grabber reveals how he used relatives and an employee as fronts to evade environmental fines and lawsuits, shedding light on this widespread practice in the Brazilian Amazon.

Fronts prevent the real criminals from having their assets seized to pay for environmental fines, besides consuming time and resources from the authorities, who spend years trying to prove who the real financier of the deforestation is.

Experts say it’s best to go after environmental offenders where it hurts the most, by seizing their assets, rather than to chase down their true identity.

This investigation is part of a partnership between Mongabay and Repórter Brasil."

Fernanda Wenzel reports for Mongabay April 22, 2024.

Source: Mongabay, 04/23/2024