"White House, GOP Infrastructure Talks Hit Crucial Stage"

"WASHINGTON — Negotiations between the White House and Senate Republicans over President Joe Biden’s $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan are hitting a crucial stage ahead of talks Friday after the latest GOP offer left some dismay in the administration that there wasn’t more movement off the Republicans’ initial $568 billion proposal.

Republicans did increase their offer and have been working in good faith with the White House, according to a Republican granted anonymity to discuss the private talks.

But the slog of the closed-door talks is certain to spark fresh worries from Democrats that time is slipping to strike a compromise. The president’s team had set a soft Memorial Day deadline to determine if a deal was within reach.

At the White House, Press Secretary Jen Psaki said “productive conversations” are underway on Capitol Hill.

The White House team is expected to resume talks with the senators Friday. “We’re looking forward to constructive conversations,” Psaki said."

Lisa Mascaro and Jonathan Lemire report for the Associated Press May 20, 2021.


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Source: AP, 05/21/2021