"World’s Coal Power Capacity Rises Despite Climate Warnings"

"Increase of 2% last year driven by plant expansion in China and slowdown in US and Europe closures".

"The world’s coal power capacity grew for the first time since 2019 last year, despite warnings that coal plants need to close at a rate of at least 6% each year to avoid a climate emergency.

A report by Global Energy Monitor found that coal power capacity grew by 2% last year, driven by an increase in new coal plants across China and a slowdown of plant closures in Europe and the US.

About 69.5 gigawatts (GW) of coal plant capacity came online last year, of which two-thirds were built in China, according to the report. There were also plants built in Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Japan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, South Korea, Greece and Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile, a slowdown in coal plant shutdowns in the US and Europe led to more than 21GW retiring last year. This resulted in a net annual increase of almost 48.5GW for the year, the highest since 2016."

Jillian Ambrose reports for the Guardian April 11, 2024.


"EPA Publishes Annual US Greenhouse Gas Inventory" (EPA release)

Source: Guardian, 04/12/2024