"Yeah, Actually, Your Plastic Coffee Pod May Not Be Great For The Climate"

"You may have come across news headlines about coffee this week, like this one from the BBC: "Coffee pod carbon footprint better for planet than filtered brew."

The stories are about a short article published earlier this month that says single-use coffee pods may be better for the climate than other forms of coffee preparation.

The coverage by social media and news outlets came as good news to lots of people who have single-use coffee makers, since they've heard for years that the disposable metal and plastic capsules in their machines harm the environment. Columnist Matthew Yglesias tweeted out: "Vindication".

The problem is, the positive take on coffee pods and the climate might not be true."

Julia Simon reports for NPR January 21, 2023.


"Single-Use Coffee Pods Have Surprising Environmental Benefits Over Other Brewing Methods" (Washington Post)

Source: NPR, 01/23/2023