Aldicarb To Be Banned 3 Decades After Tainted Melons Poisoned 2,000

"Twenty-five years after the worst known outbreak of pesticide poisoning in U.S. history, an agreement is announced that phases out all uses of aldicarb. Manufacturer Bayer CropScience agreed to stop producing the highly toxic insecticide, used to kill pests on cotton and several food crops, by 2015 in all world markets."

Source: EHN, 08/18/2010

Extreme Weather Events Signal Global Warming to World's Meteorologists

"Fires across Russia, record floods in Pakistan, a huge Greenland iceberg -- this current unprecedented sequence of extreme weather events 'matches' scientific projections of more frequent and intense extreme weather events due to global warming, says an organization of meteorologists from 189 countries."

Source: ENS, 08/18/2010

"Olympic Gymnast Epke Zonderland Teaches Orangutans How To Swing"

"'Monkey see, monkey do' is about to be put to the test. Seems some cooped-up orangutans, finally moved into more spacious outdoor digs at a Dutch zoo, have forgotten how to swing through the trees. So the zoo, Ouwehands Dierenpark Rhenen, is bringing in Olympic gymnast Epke Zonderland to re-teach them."

Source: Austin American-Statesman, 08/17/2010

Parliament Accuses Top Climate 'Skeptic' of Faking 'Lordship'

"The House of Lords has stepped up its efforts to make Christopher Monckton – climate sceptic and deputy leader of the UK Independence party -- desist in his repeated claims that he is a member of the upper house. The push comes as Buckingham palace has also been drawn into the affair over his use of a logo similar to parliament's famous portcullis emblem."

Source: Guardian, 08/13/2010

Pakistan Floods Raise Spectre of Climate Refugees, Security Threat

A fifth of Pakistan is under water, and more than 14 million victims are flooded out. The Taliban and terror-linked groups are helping people more rapidly than the U.N. and western nations. The floods seem to be verifying predictions of climate refugees and climate change as a threat to global and U.S. security. The current government of Pakistan may be failing. Will global warming cause a nuclear-armed nation to be taken over by terrorists?

Source: AFP, 08/13/2010


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