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U.S. Bars Canadian Photojournalist En Route To Cover Dakota Pipeline Protests

The SEJ has voiced concerns to the U.S. government over an incident in which a Canadian photojournalist en route to cover the Dakota Access Pipeline protests was searched at the U.S. border, then prevented entering. The latest WatchDog TipSheet outlines the free speech implications, including for U.S. reporters.

Analysis: Whither Transparency Under Trump?

A flap over pool coverage of President-elect Trump may prove a prologue to new challenges for the news media. Will journalists have access to the sources and information needed to do their jobs, including covering coming policy battles over the environment? Our WatchDog editor reads the signals on press relations under a Trump Administration. Photo: By Marc Nozell (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0].

You Aren't Allowed To Know How Much of Your Coal Is Being Sold (Cheap?)

The vast coal seams below federally owned lands in the West are a resource owned by the American people as a whole — and when rights to mine them are sold to coal companies, it is supposed to be on terms that are in the public interest. So you'd think public scrutiny via open information would be a given. The Interior Department says not, recently denying a FOIA request for this information. Image: ©

SEJ Objects To Prosecution of Journalists Covering Pipeline Protests

UPDATE: The Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ) on Oct 19, 2016 wrote law enforcement officials at the state and federal levels, objecting to prosecution of journalists who have been covering protests against the Dakota Access Pipe Line and other pipelines. The prosecutor who charged Democracy Now's Amy Goodman has responded to SEJ's letter.

NFOIC Meets Amid New Open-Government Challenges of Digital Revolution

Investigative journalism is hardly about paper documents anymore. The cutting edge today is more likely to be requests for emails, as well as text messages, chats and other electronic communications such as Slack. This big challenge was front and center at the recent meeting of the National Freedom of Information Coalition.


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