May 5, 2023

DEADLINE: USC Annenberg National Health Journalism Fellowship

USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism's annual reporting grants and health journalism fellowships will be held Jul 16-20, 2023. Preference given to reporters pursuing collaborative projects between mainstream and ethnic news outlets. Deadline is May 5.


Feds Focus on 24 Solar Sites in 6 Western States

Good solar potential, relative proximity to existing or potential energy transmission corridors, and the perception of the fewest conflicts with existing land uses and the natural environment were factors in site selection.
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California Imposes World's Toughest Smog Rules for Ships

California this week put in place the toughest restrictions in the world on smog from ships, requiring reductions of more than 80 percent of soot from foreign and US ships out to 24 miles from shore. Tankers, cargo vessels and cruise ships burn bunker fuel, which has sulfur content as much as 1,000 times higher than on-road diesel. The US is moving forward to copy California's rules by 2015. Paul Rogers reports in the San Jose Mercury News.
Source: San Jose Mercury News, 07/06/2009


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