"Berkeley Plans To Repeal First US Gas Ban"

"The California city’s decision could have a ripple effect for similar restrictions on fossil fuels."

"The city of Berkeley, California, has agreed to repeal the nation’s first-ever gas ban, raising questions about the fate of similar restrictions on fossil fuels across the West.

Berkeley unveiled the decision about its 2019 restrictions on gas hookups for new buildings as part of a legal agreement Friday ending a lawsuit brought by the California Restaurant Association. Berkeley said it will stop enforcing the policy while it goes through the legal process of repealing the ban.

The California Restaurant Association touted the settlement, saying it should set a precedent for dozens of cities and counties in California to rescind their own gas bans modeled after Berkeley’s."

Jason Plautz and Niina H. Farah report for E&E News March 26, 2024.

Source: E&E News, 03/27/2024