Climate Groups Plan Make-or-Break Blitz Over Congressional Recess

"Dozens of environmental groups expect to spend tens of millions of dollars in August building support for climate legislation."

"A coalition of climate-focused groups is readying a multimillion-dollar blitz of advertising, organizing and public events over Congress’s recess in August, seeing it as their best and last opportunity to influence members before Democrats start crafting crucial climate legislation this fall.

The coalition will host more than 500 events nationally, aiming to engage more than 1 million Americans, with a focus on states represented by moderate Democrats in the House and Senate who could make or break a deal. In total, the groups appear set to spend more than $20 million over the six-week period when members of the House and Senate leave Washington and head home to hear from their constituents.

“This is the moment where we have an opportunity to move forward with bold climate policy, to meet the moment, to meet what science calls for and demands,” said Pete Maysmith, the senior vice president for campaigns at the League of Conservation Voters. “And we know that there is deep and strong support for it around the country. And so really what August is about is mobilizing that support.”

After bipartisan negotiations whittled down many of the key climate proposals in President Joe Biden’s infrastructure package, climate groups and Democrats now see a separate piece of legislation ― set to be passed using a process called reconciliation that allows Democrats to bypass the filibuster’s 60 vote requirement ― as key to Biden’s pledge to combat the climate crisis."

Kevin Robillard reports for HuffPost July 30, 2021.


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Source: HuffPost, 08/02/2021