Climate Protesters Around Globe Sharpen Their Message and Head to New York

"Ahead of U.N. meetings this week, thousands are marching through Midtown to demand that President Biden and other world leaders stop new oil and gas drilling."

"Tens of thousands of people, including students, retirees, scientists, politicians and celebrities, filled the streets of Midtown Manhattan on Sunday to demand that world leaders quickly pivot away from the fossil fuels that are dangerously heating up the planet.

Sunday’s demonstrations were part of a weekend of large peaceful protests in Germany, England, Senegal, South Korea, India and elsewhere, mostly led by young people.

“Rather than taking meaningful climate action, the government is supporting the fossil fuel industry to prioritize corporate interests and groups of power,” said Borim Kim, who helped organize the event in Samcheok, South Korea, where protesters marched along a road next to coal trucks and stood in front of the city’s newest coal-fired power plant."

Somini Sengupta and Delger Erdenesanaa report for the New York Times September 17, 2023.


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Source: NYTimes, 09/18/2023