"Electric Cars Are Taking Off, but When Will Battery Recycling Follow?"

"Many companies and investors are eager to recycle batteries, but it could take a decade or more before enough used lithium-ion batteries become available."

"Benjamin Reynaga used power tools to hack his way into a beat-up hybrid Honda Fit at an auto dismantling plant at the edge of the Mojave Desert until he reached the most important part of the car: its lithium-ion battery.

The vehicle itself was set to be crushed, but the battery would be treated with care. It would be disassembled nearby and then sent to Nevada, where another company, Redwood Materials, would recover some of the valuable metals inside.

The plant where Mr. Reynaga works, in Adelanto, Calif., is at the front lines of what auto industry experts, environmentalists and the Biden administration believe could be an important part of a global shift to electric vehicles: recycling and reusing metals like cobalt, lithium and nickel. If batteries past their prime supply the ingredients for new ones, electric cars, trucks and vans would become more affordable and environmentally sustainable."

Niraj Chokshi and Kellen Browning report for the New York Times December 21, 2022.

Source: NYTimes, 12/23/2022