"EPA Reaches Deal To Police Pennsylvania’s Pollution of Chesapeake Bay"

"The Environmental Protection Agency has agreed to step up enforcement in Pennsylvania to ensure that it meets targets for reducing pollution in the Chesapeake Bay, state and environmental officials announced Thursday.

The proposed agreement would settle litigation brought in 2020 by the District, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Anne Arundel County, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and others.

In separate lawsuits that were later consolidated by a court order, the states and environmental groups alleged that the Trump administration had failed to use its powers under the Clean Water Act to make sure that Pennsylvania lived up to the Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint, a regional pact to reclaim the bay."

Fredrick Kunkle reports for the Washington Post April 20, 2023.


"EPA, States Reach Major Settlement Over Chesapeake Bay" (E&E News)

Source: Washington Post, 04/21/2023