Guidance Makes EV Charger Tax Credits Available Where Most Americans Live

"The Biden administration has offered a broad interpretation for where electric vehicle (EV) charger projects can qualify for new tax credits — making those credits available in places where about two-thirds of Americans live.

Under the Democrats’ climate, tax and health care bill, tax credits for EV chargers are available to those who build chargers in low-income communities or in areas that are not considered urban.

In new guidance announced Friday, the Biden administration offered a wide interpretation of nonurban — saying that it applied to any census tract where at least 10 percent of blocks have not been designated as urban areas.

A White House fact sheet said this means the credit will be “available to approximately two-thirds of Americans.”

The move was cheered by environmental groups, which say making the credit widely available will result in a greater buildout of infrastructure for climate-friendly vehicles."

Rachel Frazin reports for The Hill January 19, 2024.


"Biden Targets EV Charging Network Capacity to Boost Rollout" (Bloomberg Environment)

Source: The Hill, 01/22/2024