"How An American Meat Broker Is Fueling Amazon Deforestation"

"WASHINGTON — As incomes in China have grown in the last decade, so has China’s appetite for beef. No longer out of reach for China’s middle class, beef now sizzles in home woks and restaurant kitchens.

China has become the world’s biggest importer of beef, and Brazil is China’s biggest supplier, according to United Nations Comtrade data. More beef moves from Brazil to China than between any other two countries.

But the Brazilian cattle industry is a major driver of the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. Data analysis by The Associated Press and the Rainforest Investigations Network, a nonprofit reporting consortium, found that a little-known American company is among the key suppliers and distributors feeding China’s hunger for beef – and the Amazon deforestation that it fuels."

Sasha Chavkin reports for the Associated Press November 3, 2023.


"Takeaways From AP’s Reporting On An American Beef Trader’s Links To Amazon Deforestation" (AP)

Source: AP, 11/03/2023