Illinois Gov. Signs Far-Reaching Energy Bill That Ends Coal, Aids Nuclear

That "‘There is no time to lose,’ Pritzker says as he signs energy legislation lawmakers say ‘gives our state a very clear future’"

"After months of negotiations on the bill, the Illinois Senate on Monday sent the legislation to Pritzker’s desk on a 37-17 vote — with three senators voting present — after the Illinois House voted last week to pass the measure."

"Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed wide-ranging legislation overhauling Illinois’ energy sector on Wednesday, calling the bill a “giant leap forward” for the state as it works to address the effects of climate change and establish “aggressive” clean energy standards.

“We can’t outrun or hide from climate change — not to the north where the boundary waters burn, not to the south where Ida swallows lives and livelihoods in the blink of an eye. ... We’ve seen the effects of climate change right here in Illinois repeatedly in the last two and a half years alone: a polar vortex, devastating floods, microbursts that destroy buildings,” Pritzker said.

“There is no time to lose but what we can do, what we must do — and thanks to the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act — Illinois is doing, is to fight to stop, and even reverse, the damage that’s been done to our climate. As of today, Illinois is a force for good, for an environmental future we can be proud of.”"

Rachel Hinton reports for the Chicago Sun-Times September 15, 2021.


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Source: Chicago Sun-Times, 09/16/2021