Natural Gas Pipeline Tearing Virginia Rural County Apart

A proposed 42-inch natural gas pipeline through rural Virginia has torn Nelson County apart. A story of energy policy is told from the viewpoint of one woman whose beloved farmland is threatened by eminent domain.

"Glass Hollow Road is a stretch of black asphalt in Virginia’s rural Nelson County, just west of Charlottesville. Ringed by lush green mountains, it runs for a mile or two before being swallowed by the forest. It’s lined with an occasional house, an occasional cow, and nothing is optional about waving to an oncoming driver.

A short way down the road is a little white, single-story house and a not-so-little white barn, along with a dozen rusty vehicles slowly becoming one with the earth.

For this house, there have been two pivotal moments in recent memory."
Brad Horn reports for the Washington Post with photos by Jay Westcott and Nikki Kahn June 9, 2016.

Source: Wash Post, 06/14/2016