"Plastic Recycling In Focus As Treaty Talks Get Underway In Paris"

"As talks start this week on a global plastics treaty, debate is emerging between countries wanting to limit the production of more plastics and the petrochemical industry favoring recycling as the solution to plastic waste.

Ahead of a meeting starting on Monday, many countries have said a goal of the treaty should be "circularity" – or keeping already-produced plastic items in circulation as long as possible.

Coming into the talks in Paris, a 55-nation coalition called for a strong treaty including restrictions on certain hazardous chemicals as well as bans on problematic plastics products that are hard to recycle and often end up in nature."

Valerie Volcovici and Elizabeth Pineau report for Reuters May 29, 2023.


"Plastic-Spewing Artwork Unveiled For Paris Talks Against Waste" (Reuters)

Source: Reuters, 05/30/2023