"The Politicians in FirstEnergy's Pocket"

"The utility behind a $61 million anti-climate bribery scheme is trying to buy public officials across the country, a HEATED investigation shows."

"Want to prevent the climate crisis from spiraling out of control? You might want to start paying more attention to FirstEnergy.

FirstEnergy is one of the largest investor-owned electric utilities in the country. With more than $43 billion in assets, it’s also one of America’s largest corporations, ranking 294 on the Fortune 500.

But FirstEnergy is also the ninth-largest greenhouse gas polluter in America—which means it contributes more to the ongoing climate crisis than ExxonMobil. It also means the company’s business model currently relies on a practice which climate scientists say is causing catastrophic damage to public health and the economy, and threatening potentially irreversible damage to the planet’s livability.

FirstEnergy could use its vast resources to change that practice, and become a profit leader in the transition to a clean energy economy."

The utility behind a $61 million anti-climate bribery scheme is trying to buy public
Emily Atkin reports for HEATED August 3, 2020.


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Source: HEATED, 08/05/2020