"The Propane Industry Is Trying To Dupe You"

"Documents and recordings obtained by HEATED detail a multi-million dollar plan to spin the fossil fuel as "clean" and "renewable""

"Members of a propane industry lobbying group strategized to downplay the full climate impacts of propane and market it as “renewable” or “clean energy”, recordings reviewed by the climate newsletter Heated and the Guardian reveal.

The Propane Education & Research Council (Perc), a US lobbying group, has spent nearly $30m over the last two years on advertisements for fossil fuel, according to data compiled by Drilled, a multimedia reporting project focused on climate accountability. The ads often promote propane, the vast majority of which is a by-product of natural gas or crude oil refining, as a form of clean and renewable energy.

But in a public November 2022 meeting recorded by the Energy and Policy Institute, Perc board members acknowledged that that characterization was inaccurate."

Arielle Samuelson reports for HEATED, co-published with the Guardian January 25, 2024.

Source: HEATED, 01/29/2024