"Record Heat Engulfs Both U.S. Coasts"

"Historic heat will likely melt more records as this summer grinds onward."

"A record-breaking heat wave across the Western U.S. that’s been checking all the key boxes — intensity, duration, and geographic spread — may just be the opening scene of the worst kind of summer blockbuster, one that’s spreading nationwide.

In the first week of July, at least 10 U.S. towns and cities tied or broke their hottest temperatures recorded on any day in at least 70 years of record-keeping. This rarefied feat is called an all-time record high, as opposed to daily or monthly records, which correspond to the hottest ever observed on a particular date or in a particular month, respectively.

Unusually warm temperatures on both coasts are getting a boost from climate change. Extreme heat expected today across swaths of the West and the mid-Atlantic was made 400% more likely by climate change, according to an analysis by Climate Central, a nonprofit research group."

Bob Henson and Jeff Masters report for Yale Climate Connections July 9, 2024.


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Source: Yale Climate Connections, 07/10/2024