"Scientists Warn Of ‘Phosphogeddon’ As Critical Fertiliser Shortages Loom"

"Excessive use of phosphorus is depleting reserves vital to global food production, while also adding to the climate crisis".

"Our planet faces “phosphogeddon”, scientists have warned. They fear our misuse of phosphorus could lead to deadly shortages of fertilisers that would disrupt global food production.

At the same time, phosphate fertiliser washed from fields – together with sewage inputs into rivers, lakes and seas – is giving rise to widespread algal blooms and creating aquatic dead zones that threaten fish stocks.

In addition, overuse of the element is increasing releases of methane across the planet, adding to global heating and the climate crisis caused by carbon emissions, researchers have warned."

Robin McKie reports for the Guardian March 12, 2023.

Source: Guardian, 03/14/2023