Trump Pitch To Oil Companies Turns Off Two-Thirds Of Likely Voters: Poll

"Broad majorities of voters aren’t happy with Trump’s apparent offer of a quid pro quo to oil companies, a poll from an advocacy group has found.

Almost 6 in 10 likely voters surveyed — 58 percent — said they were “concerned” about a second Trump term after hearing about the former president’s reported offer to undo broad swaths of President Biden’s climate policies, according to polling by Data for Progress and Climate Power.

And nearly two-thirds — 61 percent — of likely voters told pollsters they “reconsider” their vote for a politician who made such an offer.

The findings follow reporting earlier this month in The Washington Post that Trump demanded $1 billion from top oil executives at a Mar-a-Lago Club fundraiser — an amount he called a bargain that would allow him to pass a laundry list of industry priorities."

Saul Elbein reports for The Hill May 21, 2024.

Source: The Hill, 05/22/2024