"Trump’s Energy Guy Talked a Green Game but Now Sells Big Oil Priorities"

"Doug Burgum, the Republican governor of North Dakota, has stepped into the spotlight as a cheerleader for oil and former President Donald J. Trump."

"Doug Burgum, the Republican governor of North Dakota, has emerged as a key adviser on energy issues in Donald J. Trump’s campaign to retake the White House, acting as a liaison between Mr. Trump and the oil billionaires whom the former president has encouraged to fund his presidential bid.

Along the way, Governor Burgum has articulated a sophisticated policy approach that can at times seem environmentally conscious, but in fact is designed to benefit oil, gas and coal, the fossil fuels that are driving climate change.

“It’s a tale of two Dougs,” said Dustin Gawrylow, a conservative political commentator in North Dakota.

Mr. Burgum set a goal in 2021 that North Dakota would stop adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere by 2030, becoming “carbon neutral.” Carbon dioxide from burning oil, gas and coal is a major driver of global warming."

Lisa Friedman reports for the New York Times June 10, 2024.

Source: NYTimes, 06/13/2024