Virus: "Meatpacking Workers Wonder Whether Job Is A 'Death Sentence'"

"Many are criticizing the industry’s response for waiting too long to implement safety precautions and close processing plants as thousands have tested positive for coronavirus."

"Annie Grant never missed a day of work on the packing line at a Tyson Foods poultry plant in Camilla, Georgia where she spent almost 15 years — until the pandemic hit.

'She was the type of person who cared for other people, she was a great listener, real funny, a person who inspired others to do things to the best of their ability — she was that type of person,' Willie Martin, one of Annie Grant’s sons, told Food Dive. He spoke about her life doing good deeds for others, whether it was baking cakes for the community or providing for her kids.

But her life was cut short earlier this month. At the age of 55, she died of coronavirus.

'It is crazy that her life was lost due to the company’s failure to respond to the pandemic,' Martin said."

Lillianna Byington reports for Food Dive April 28, 2020.


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Source: Food Dive, 04/29/2020