Washington: "State, US Agree To Dismantle 4 Dams On Klamath River"

"WASHINGTON — The Obama administration and California officials are expected to announce a landmark agreement Wednesday to tear down four hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River, bypassing Congress to restore a major salmon fishery on the Oregon border.

The dam removals would set in motion the largest river restoration in U.S. history and signal an end to one of the most contentious water fights in years. Since 2001, the Klamath basin has seen farmer bucket brigades, clashes with American Indian tribes, commercial fishery shutdowns and the largest fish die-off ever on the West Coast.

A high-profile news conference to announce the deal is set for Wednesday at the Yurok Reservation in Klamath (Del Norte County), with Gov. Jerry Brown joining Oregon Gov. Kate Brown; Interior Secretary Sally Jewell; National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency Administrator Kathryn Sullivan; and Stefan Bird, chief executive of Pacific Power, a division of PacifiCorp, which owns the dams."

Carolyn Lochhead reports for the San Francisco Chronicle April 5, 2016.


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Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 04/07/2016