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SEJournal Online Covering Climate Solutions

As part of an initiative by the Society of Environmental Journalists on covering climate solutions, this special report offers a series of tipsheets and toolboxes focused on business-based solutions, nature-based solutions, ocean-based solutions and methane/energy-based solutions. Explore the special report and related webinars below.


SEJournal Online Covering Climate Solutions - Business-based


Business-Based Solutions Tipsheet

Business-Based Solutions Resources

  • Corporations and Climate Change Toolbox

    As corporations make major commitments to reducing climate emissions, journalists will need to be ready to investigate whether these efforts are contributing to a sustainable future, or simply greenwashing the same old dirty business. A resource toolbox on how to cover business-based climate solutions. 


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SEJournal Online Covering Climate Solutions - Nature-based


Nature-Based Solutions Tipsheet

Nature-Based Solutions Resources

  • Nature-Based and Native/Indigenous Perspectives Toolbox

    As concerns over global warming, the endangerment of plant and animal species, and water rights escalate, many environmentalists are turning to Indigenous people for guidance. We take a closer look at resources for covering nature-based solutions and Indigenous people with reporter Brian Bull.


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SEJournal Online Covering Climate Solutions - Energy


Methane Solutions Tipsheet

Methane Solutions Resources

  • Methane and Climate Change Toolbox

    Levels of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, have doubled in the past 150 years due to human activity, particularly from fossil fuels and extensive farming. Check out this methane resource toolbox.


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SEJournal Online Covering Climate Solutions - Oceans


Ocean Solutions Tipsheet

Ocean Solutions Resources

  • Ocean and Climate Change Toolbox

    Oceans and climate change intersect with many other issues, a crossover likely to be emphasized in the upcoming United Nations Ocean Conference and in future ocean-based climate discussions. This list of resources reflects some of that intersection in order to help environmental journalists better cover the field of “blue climate” solutions.


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