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"Energy Dept. Oversight on Loans Is Inadequate, GAO Says"

"The Energy Department is mismanaging oversight of $34 billion in taxpayer-backed loans for green-energy and other projects, congressional auditors said Monday in a new report."

"The Government Accountability Office said it took Energy Department staff more than three months to come up with data on the status of applications for loan guarantees, leading auditors to question whether oversight of the program is timely or fair to companies seeking federal subsidies.

Source: Wash Post, 03/14/2012
April 19, 2012 to April 25, 2012

Sustainatopia 2012 - Miami

Sustainatopia is one of the world's largest events regarding social, financial and environmental responsibility. "Sustainatopia 2012" will include over 50 individual events in film, art, music, eco-fashion, food, design, authors’ series and parties at many locations throughout Miami. One of these, "Impact & Our Oceans" on April 23, is the first annual impact investment conference focused entirely on oceans.

"Two Years After BP Oil Spill, Executive Compensation Still Flowing"

"BP paid out $1.1 million worth of shares on Feb. 15 to former chief executive Tony Hayward under a three-year incentive plan, even though Hayward resigned in the wake of the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill in 2010.

Hayward also earned $194,973 in fees in 2011 as a director of BP’s TNK-BP joint venture in Russia, according to the company’s annual report released Tuesday. The company’s stock price is down more than 20 percent since the spill.

Source: Wash Post, 03/08/2012

"Can The Shale Gas Boom Save Ohio?"

"The help-wanted sign is out in Canton, Ohio, for Chesapeake Energy."

"The company that has led the charge in shale gas drilling is looking for truck drivers with licenses for hazardous materials, a purchasing coordinator for oil field equipment, a pipeline technician, a field safety coordinator, administrative assistants, troubleshooting electricians, a tax analyst and more.

Source: Wash Post, 03/05/2012

"Utilities Announce Closure of 10 Aging Power Plants in Midwest, East"

"Two utility companies announced the closure of 10 aging U.S. power plants Wednesday, a move environmental groups hailed as a major victory even as critics warned it could raise the price of electricity."

Juliet Eilperin reports for the Washington Post February 29, 2012.

Source: Wash Post, 03/02/2012

"Obama Seeks to End Subsidies for Oil and Gas Companies"

"NASHUA, N.H. -- With his re-election fate increasingly tied to the price Americans are paying at the gas pump, President Obama asked Congress on Thursday to end $4 billion in subsidies for oil and gas companies and vowed to tackle the country’s long-term energy issues while shunning 'phony election-year promises about lower gas prices.'"

Source: NY Times, 03/02/2012


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