June 5, 2015

DEADLINE: Online News Association's Online Journalism Awards

This annual awards competition honors excellence in Web journalism, especially those demonstrating mastery of the special characteristics and emerging technology of digital journalism. Categories include data journalism, visual digital storytelling, investigative journalism, public service, technical innovation and general excellence. Cash prizes. Enter by Jun 5, 2015.

June 11, 2014

The Issues Surrounding Mandatory GMO Labeling: What You Need To Know

The Council for Agricultural Science and Technology has developed a free webinar, 2-3pm, to discuss GMOs and labelling, featuring two of the authors of a controversial new paper who will explain the science, law, and economic facts behind this critical issue. An open Q&A will follow. Pre-registration required.

Toolbox: A Swiss Army Knife for Environmental Data Journalists

The U.S. EPA has put online a "Data Finder" tool that simplifies finding and accessing data that may help you report your particular story. Find datasets by searching in many dimensions: media (air, water), health risks, pollutants, and others. It has an easy browse feature, and links to even more datasets than does EPA's mainstream Envirofacts portal.

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Journos Fight Feds To Keep Drones As News Tool

More than a dozen news media organizations filed a brief May 6, 2014, arguing that the Federal Aviation Administration is violating the First Amendment with its limits on drones. The media groups were intervening in the appeal of a judge's overturning of a $10,000 Federal Aviation Administration fine imposed on Raphael Pirker, a videographer who shot a promotional video of the University of Virginia campus.

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TOOLBOX: Labor Dept. Enforcement Data Tool Can Help Journalists

Workers exposed occupationally to toxic chemicals and other safety threats are often the first sign of danger to the general population. A new portal combining Labor Department enforcement databases offers environmental journalists a new tool for exploring such stories.

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"U.S. Not Ready for Oil Spill in Arctic Waters"

"The warming climate is melting sea ice, opening U.S. Arctic waters to shipping and oil and gas development, but the National Research Council warned today that U.S. personnel, equipment, transportation, communication, navigation, and safety resources are not adequate for an Arctic oil spill response."


The Bet



"The Bet: Paul Ehrlich, Julian Simon, and Our Gamble over Earth’s Future"

By Paul Sabin
Yale University Press, $28.50


In the fall of 1990, economist Julian Simon received a check for $576.07 in the mail, along with a sheet of metal prices. The check was from Stanford University biologist Paul Ehrlich. There was no note enclosed.

New Oil-Gas Well Database Offers Tool for Environmental Reporters

The federal government certainly won't tell you. But the nonprofit research group FracTracker will give you data and maps on some 1.1 million oil and gas wells in 36 U.S. states. It's a great starting point for stories on the environmental impacts of drilling and fracking in your area.

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