"Army Corps Considering Coal Ash To Fix Levees"

"The Army Corps of Engineers wants to use ash cast off from coal-fired electrical generation to shore up dozens of miles of Mississippi River levees, drawing fire from environmentalists worried that heavy metals from the filler might make their way into the river."

Source: AP, 07/14/2010

15 States Get More Federal Recreational Trails

The National Trails system, already stretching more than 12,500 miles, expands with the addition of 31 more trails totalling 716 miles.

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Local Officials, Residents, in Dark on Nearby Hazardous Rail Cargoes

Sixty-two U.S. urban areas are threatened by hazardous rail cargoes, but federal agencies still refuse to let many firefighters, governments, and citizens know the rail routes used to transport cargoes that could kill tens or hundreds of thousands.

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