"Ban Gas Stoves? Just the Idea Gets Some in Washington Boiling."

"The nation’s top consumer watchdog agency raised concerns about indoor air pollution from gas stoves. A political firestorm ensued."

"WASHINGTON — Concerns raised by the nation’s top consumer watchdog about the health hazards posed by gas stoves have triggered a sharp rebuke from the oil and gas industry and its Republican allies, inserting a common kitchen appliance into the middle of partisan politics.

Critics were pushing back hard on Wednesday against recent comments made by Richard Trumka Jr., a commissioner of the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, that his agency might take some regulatory action in the face of growing research that links gas stoves to pollutants that harm both human health and the environment.

“This is a hidden hazard,” Mr. Trumka said in an interview with Bloomberg on Monday. “Any option is on the table. Products that can’t be made safe can be banned.”

Those words were echoing around a Wednesday breakfast meeting of the American Petroleum Institute, where the oil and gas industry and its supporters in Congress had gathered to discuss the upcoming legislative agenda."

Elena Shao and Lisa Friedman report for the New York Times January 11, 2023.


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Source: NYTimes, 01/12/2023