"Conservatives Gear Up For EPA Revamp In 2025"

"Plans eye a return to Trump-era policies that elevated deregulation and downsized the agency."

"Dramatic shifts to EPA’s priorities and structure are central to plans for a GOP-led White House drawn up by Trump-era officials and right-leaning influencers.

Project 2025, organized by the conservative-leaning Heritage Foundation, lays out detailed proposals agency by agency for a Republican president if President Joe Biden loses his reelection bid. EPA would see a return to Trump administration policies that elevated deregulation and downsized the agency, which led to tumult among staff and questions over its future.

“This is a serious report, and it needs to be taken seriously,” said Stan Meiburg, who served 39 years at EPA, including as acting deputy administrator during the Obama administration. He said the proposal largely repeats right-wing attacks on the agency."

Kevin Bogardus reports for E&E News February 26, 2024.

Source: E&E News, 02/27/2024