Everything You Need To Know About The Coming Trump Arctic Drilling Bid

"The Senate's budget vote on Thursday was the opening salvo in what's likely to be a bitter fight over drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).

President Trump, key officials in his administration and leading Republicans support drilling in the ANWR, an expanse of 19 million acres of land — about the size of South Carolina — above the Arctic Circle in Alaska, 1.5 million of which was set aside for potential oil exploration and development.

But greens uniformly oppose any effort to produce oil in the refuge, which they consider a pristine frontier of American landscape."

Devin Henry reports for The Hill October 22, 2017.


"These Senators Tried to Protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from Drilling. They Failed." (InsideClimate News)

Source: The Hill, 10/23/2017