"Gas Stoves Are One Step Closer to New Rules"

"The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has voted to seek public input on gas stoves, a potential first step in regulating the appliances.

Richard Trumka Jr., a CPSC commissioner, was faced with outrage when he floated the idea of a ban in January as Republican lawmakers and other conservatives painted a picture of overreach by Democrats and introduced preemptive measures on gas stove bans. Within days, the head of the commission clarified that the agency had no plans to halt their use, and the White House issued a statement that said the president didn’t support banning the ranges either.

The agency voted 3—1 to approve a request for information on the health hazards of gas stove emissions and the potential solutions to those hazards, Trumka spokeswoman Meghan Sebold said Wednesday. While the call for comments doesn’t necessarily trigger a regulation, it could form the basis for future rules governing the household appliances."

Ari Natter reports for Bloomberg Green March 1, 2023.

Source: Bloomberg, 03/02/2023