"“Kenneled, Strip Searched, Shackled And Held""

"The Biden administration remains silent while Indigenous women continue to battle Line 3 with their bodies."

"A waaginogaaning is the traditional structure of Anishinaabe peoples. On Thursday, seven Anishinaabe water protectors carried one into a construction site for Enbridge’s Line 3 tar sands pipeline, and sat inside to pray.

They were not sitting on Enbridge property—at least, that’s not how the water protectors saw it. They considered themselves praying on land protected by the 1855 Treaty of Washington, which gave Ojibwe bands in Minnesota usufructuary rights for their resources and way of life.

But the Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office, bankrolled in part by Enbridge, did not agree with this interpretation. “You guys are all under arrest for unlawful assembly and trespass,” an officer said, according to a video posted by Giniw Collective. “Are you going to come out on your own free will?”

“This is our land,” Tara Houska, Giniw Collective’s founder, replied. “It’s Anishinaabe territory.”"

Emily Atkin reports for HEATED March 30, 2021.


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Source: HEATED, 04/02/2021