"Lax Oversight Allows U.S. Refineries To Pollute Waterways - Report"

"Weak U.S. water protection rules and federal oversight has allowed dozens of U.S. oil refineries to dump toxic chemicals and metals into the nation’s waterways, the Environmental Integrity Project (EIP) said in a report released on Thursday.

The report accuses the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state environmental agencies of failing to regulate 81 U.S. refineries. It admits much of the wastewater released is not a violation of existing law.

"The Agency is aware of this report, and will review and respond accordingly," said an EPA spokesperson.

"EPA’s failure to act has exposed public waterways to a witches’ brew of refinery contaminants," the EIP said. The federal agency "is failing in its legal responsibilities to regulate.""

Erwin Seba reports for Reuters January 26, 2023.


"Outdated EPA Standards Allow Oil Refineries to Pollute Waterways" (Inside Climate News)

Source: Reuters, 01/27/2023