"Public Lands: LWCF Funding Returns To Spotlight This Week"

"As debate cranks up over mandatory funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund on Capitol Hill, lawmakers are exploring ways to fix, nurture and maintain America's treasured public lands and waters on an increasingly tight budget.

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee tomorrow [Tuesday] morning will hear from Trump administration officials and outside experts on how best to manage LWCF, the country's 54-year-old beloved conservation program, in the 21st century.

The Senate hearing comes less than a week after the House Natural Resources Committee approved legislation to provide full, permanent funding for LWCF, which Congress permanently reauthorized in February (E&E Daily, June 20).

But political turf wars over federal dollars for conservation and deferred maintenance on public lands, coupled with a growing push from many elected officials and environmentalists to scale back the country's dependence on drilling, are putting pressure on Congress to find alternative revenue streams for programs like LWCF that survive on oil and gas royalties."

Kellie Lunney reports for E&E Daily June 24, 2019.

Source: E&E Daily, 06/25/2019