"Trump’s ‘Scorched Earth’ EPA Budget Draws Swift Reactions"

"No agency in the federal government fared worse under Thursday’s proposed budget than the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Trump administration would slash the EPA’s budget by 31 percent, cut 3,200 of its 15,000 workers, cut funding for climate change research and Superfund cleanup and scrap more than 50 programs altogether. Among them: efforts aimed at improving energy efficiency, helping cities fight air pollution, funding infrastructure projects in Native American communities, and cleaning up the Great Lakes and Chesapeake Bay. Although Congress would have to approve any such cuts, Trump’s proposed kneecapping of the EPA drew swift, impassioned reactions on Thursday.

“Literally and figuratively, this is a scorched earth budget that represents an all out assault on clean air, water, and land,” Gina McCarthy, who served as EPA administrator during the final years of the Obama administration, said in a statement. “You can’t put ‘America First’ when you put the health of its people and its country last.”

The reaction from environmental advocacy groups ranged from angry to horrified."

Brady Dennis reports for the Washington Post March 16, 2017.


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Source: Washington Post, 03/17/2017