The Daily Glob: Post-Gulf Oil Spill Research Programs

Keep Up With Gulf Spill News on SEJ's Daily Glob

The story of the tragic Gulf oil spill is ongoing. Keeping up with breaking news, and the spill's causes and consequences, can be overwhelming both to journalists and the general public.

The Society of Environmental Journalists' tracking blog helps you follow up on the Gulf spill story: The Daily Glob — online at .

The site links to an array of the best information sources about the spill and related topics — ranging from the Coast Guard's spill news page, to lists of university spill experts, to the Times-Picayune's spill news portal. See the list of research programs: institutes, academic programs, and labs working on marine science, gulf ecology, oil spill response and recovery, coastal ecosystems, wetlands, and more.

It also collects on an hour-by-hour basis, links to the hottest breaking spill news stories from all kinds of media — offering one-stop shopping for all the top stories.

The array of news tools will help reporters find and enrich stories. They include mapping tools, infographics, photo and video resources, background information, experts' phone numbers, Congressional hearings, and more.

Take a look. — — Tell your friends. And check back often for more.

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