Climate Change

"As the Climate Dries, Mexico's Milk Region Faces Arsenic Threat"

"Mexico’s Laguna Region is famed as the country’s largest milk-producing area. But overexploitation of groundwater resources has combined with the effects of climate change to give the region a more dubious distinction. The remaining water supplies are contaminated with arsenic, and related rates of cancer are well above the national average."


Source: Reuters, 01/25/2012

"Feeding The World Gets Short Shrift In Climate Change Debate"

"Food is getting elbowed out of the discussion on climate change, which could spell disaster for the 1 billion people who will be added to the world's population in the next 15 years. That's the word today from scientists wondering why food and sustainability get such short shrift when it comes to thinking about how humans will adapt to climate change."

Source: The Salt/NPR, 01/24/2012

"Climate Scientists Back Call for Sceptic Thinktank To Reveal Backers"

"Leading climate scientists have given their support to a Freedom of Information request seeking to disclose who is funding the Global Warming Policy Foundation, a London-based climate sceptic thinktank chaired by the former Conservative chancellor Lord Lawson."

Source: Guardian, 01/23/2012

"Post-Huntsman, Climate May Pose Perils For GOP"

"So much for embracing climate science as a Republican presidential candidate in 2012. The demise of Jon Huntsman's White House hopes leaves GOP climate moderates without a champion in the remaining Republican field, especially given front-runner Mitt Romney’s efforts to convince global warming skeptics that he’s one of them. And that raises questions about how the party’s eventual nominee will fare with science-minded voters against President Barack Obama in November."

Source: Politico, 01/19/2012


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