Climate Change

Environment & Security: "Pakistan Woefully Unprepared For New Floods"

"It took farmer Ghulam Hussain almost a year to start re-building his house, destroyed last year in floods that left vast swathes of Pakistan underwater, and disrupted the lives of more than 18 million people. Now, his small, two-room mud and brick house -- just a few hundred meters from the Indus River -- is almost complete, but he is worried as to how long it will survive."

Source: Reuters, 06/30/2011

"American Climate Skeptic Soon Funded By Oil, Coal Firms"

"Willie Soon, a U.S. climate change skeptic who has also discounted the health risks of mercury emissions from coal, has received more than $1 million in funding in recent years from large energy companies and an oil industry group, according to Greenpeace."

Source: Reuters, 06/29/2011
August 17, 2011 to August 19, 2011

International Conference on Environmental Pollution and Remediation (ICEPR 2011)

ICEPR is a series of international conferences held yearly to address environmental pollution and new advances in remediation. These conferences focus on all aspects of Environmental Science, Engineering, and Technology. International ASET and the University of Ottawa will be hosting this conference.

Groups Urge US To Prepare for Climate-Related Conflict, Disaster

"Climate-related disasters will exacerbate conflict and stresses in vulnerable countries, with implications for global and US security, says a new report by Oxfam America and the Center for Naval Analysis. In order to make developing nations more resilient, US aid should focus more on using risk reduction strategies, seeking to prevent climate-related humanitarian disasters before they occur."

Source: Climate Science Watch, 06/28/2011


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