Climate Change

"Debate Pits Montana’S Vast Coal Reserves Against Climate Concerns"

"Several times a day, long trainloads of coal trundle through Missoula to power plants in Washington. Those routine runs generate lots of electricity for homes and lots of consternation for politicians and scientists concerned about the trade-offs. In the short term, coal's convenience and low price make it a simple answer to the nation's energy needs. But its pollution, damage to water supplies and impact on global climate may produce a long-term cost we're unable to afford."

Source: Missoulian, 11/21/2011

IPCC Expected To Confirm Link Between Climate Change, Extreme Weather

"Climate change is likely to cause more storms, floods, droughts, heatwaves and other extreme weather events, according to the most authoritative review yet of the effects of global warming. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will publish on Friday its first special report on extreme weather, and its relationship to rising greenhouse gas emissions."

Source: Guardian, 11/18/2011

Climate Think Tank Takes Money From Polluters, After Pew Funding Ends

"The climate change think tank formerly known as the Pew Center of Global Climate Change is no more, after the Pew Charitable Trusts pulled $3.5 million in yearly funding to the organization. That single donation, as the name of the think tank implied, formed the overwhelming majority of the group's funding, 80% (Economic Times)."

Source: Treehugger, 11/17/2011


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