Climate Change

Lobbyists Called Shots on Murkowski Amendment

Top former Bush administration officials -- now lobbyists -- are directing members of Congress from both parties, and their staff, on exactly how to legislate a repeal of EPA's legal authority to control greenhouse gas emissions. Senator Lisa Murkowski, R-AK, is planning to offer the ban as an amendment on the Senate floor. Environmentalists are calling for an ethics investigation.

Source: Post Carbon, 01/15/2010

"Arctic Tundra is Being Lost As Far North Quickly Warms"

"The treeless ecosystem of mosses, lichens, and berry plants is giving way to shrub land and boreal forest. As scientists study the transformation, they are discovering that major warming-related events, including fires and the collapse of slopes due to melting permafrost, are leading to the loss of tundra in the Arctic."

Source: YaleE360, 01/12/2010


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