Climate Change

"Obama Administration Releases First-Ever Climate Adaptation Plans"

"This year, the Commerce Department will investigate the feasibility of a bicycle share program. The Agriculture Department's Risk Management Agency will redraw planting zone maps for the purposes of insuring nursery-grown plants. And the Department of Defense will scale down its fleet of gas-guzzling Humvees. These are all examples of steps federal agencies will take in 2013 in an effort to deal with the risks of future climate change. The Obama administration released its first climate change adaptation plans Thursday, as part of the annual sustainability reports."

Source: Scientific American, 02/13/2013

State of Union 2013: on Climate, Which Obama Will Speak Tuesday Night?

"President Barack Obama’s annual addresses to Congress offer a glimpse at a leader whose rhetoric on energy and the environment has changed dramatically over the past four years -- from his calls to pass sweeping climate legislation in 2009 to a full-throated embrace of natural gas last year."

Source: Politico, 02/11/2013

"Art Pope Still Funding Climate Disinformation"

"As North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory's budget director, Art Pope will help make important fiscal decisions for a state facing serious threats due to climate disruption, from destructive storms and more intense hurricanes to unusually fast-rising seas. But he will carry out that work in a political context that's been shaped by disinformation about climate science -- thanks to efforts Pope himself has generously funded."

Source: Facing South, 02/07/2013

"Report Outlines Climate Change Options for Obama Administration"

"The United States will struggle to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to promised levels by 2020, a report from a prominent think tank warned this week, but the federal government, states and industry already have the means at their disposal to achieve such goals."

Source: McClatchy, 02/07/2013


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