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"Green Homes Projects in a Down Economy"

"As the credit freeze tightened its grip on the economy, the market for green construction -- at least in some respects -- remained strong overall, according to the U.S. Green Building Council and insurers of green construction projects. ...Still, as fewer and fewer banks proved willing to lend money for upfront construction costs, many smaller green builders have been forced to find new ways to see their projects through to completion."
Source: NYTimes, 08/21/2009

Lobbyists of All Stripes Join Climate Change Fray

A Center for Public Integrity report indicates the number of entities officially lobbying on climate change increased 31% in the second quarter of 2009, and draws some parallels between the lobbyists involved prior to the June 2009 House vote on a climate change bill and the major pre-vote changes that happened to the bill.
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Diverse Range of Experts Team Up On Wind Turbine Issue

Concerns continue to mount over the potential impact of wind-turbine blades on airborne wildlife. Hence, a consortium of experts has agreed on priorities for investigation, including turbine placement, design, and operation; aerodynamics of turbines, birds, and bats; and habitat, topography, and weather conditions.
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