Climate Change

"Water Supply in a Warming World"

"More than anything else, climate change is a water problem. Scientists expect more coastal flooding and possibly more inland flooding. They expect higher temperatures and greater evaporation to deplete water resources, creating risks for the food supply. They believe sea-level rise will eventually render some regions uninhabitable. But a new paper published on Sunday in the journal Nature Climate Change suggests that the outlook on fresh water may not be entirely bad."

Source: Green/NYT, 11/13/2012

"California's Cap-And-Trade Auction Starts Wednesday"

"SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Despite fierce opposition from much of the business community, California's grand experiment in taming global warming begins in earnest Wednesday."

"State officials are set to auction tens of millions of dollars' worth of carbon-emission allowances to scores of oil refiners, cement manufacturers and other large industrial polluters.

Source: Sacramento Bee, 11/13/2012


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