Climate Change

"Climate Change Report Outlines Perils for U.S. Military"

"WASHINGTON -- Climate change is accelerating, and it will place unparalleled strains on American military and intelligence agencies in coming years by causing ever more disruptive events around the globe, the nation’s top scientific research group said in a report issued Friday."

Source: NY Times, 11/12/2012

Obama To Continue Efforts To Curb Greenhouse Gases, Push Efficiency

"President Obama’s reelection, along with key wins by Senate Democrats, ensures that the federal government will press ahead with efforts to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency and to curb greenhouse gas emissions linked to climate change."

Source: Wash Post, 11/08/2012

"Climate Heroes" Make Gains at Polls

Voters in most cases Tuesday elected candidates supported by environmentalists for their positions on climate change and clean energy. The list of "Climate Heroes 2012" was drawn up by a coalition called "Citizens Determined to Elect Clean Energy Champions." The coalition was led by people like Bill McKibben. Below are results for candidates listed as "Climate Heroes."

Source: Seattle Times, 11/07/2012


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