Climate Change

Koch Donor Fest Ends Leaving Spin, Pledges, Questions about Media

The megabillionaire Koch brothers, whose agenda opposes environmental regulation, have a major impact on Republican politics -- including the 2016 presidential race. Their influence is magnified by the big donors they attract to their causes via semiannual retreats like the one that just ended at a luxury resort near Dana Point, Calif. This year, journalists got limited access to the traditionally secret conclave by agreeing not to disclose donors' identities. Now critics are asking whether such rules compromise the integrity of journalism.

Source: Huffington Post, 08/06/2015

Big-Ag-Fueled Algae Bloom Won't Leave Toledo's Water Supply Alone

As August warms waters seasonally in many parts of the U.S., harmful algal blooms are causing health hazards. A prime example is Toledo, where high levels of an algal toxin made city drinking water unusable last year. Algal blooms in the warm, shallow Lake Erie are worsened by agricultural runoff. With climate warming, new algal blooms are showing up in new places, like the Pacific Ocean.

Source: Mother Jones, 08/06/2015

"Comply Or Not? Texas Officials Now Must Decide About Emission Rules"

"To comply or not to comply. That’s the question now facing Texas officials regarding the Obama administration’s ambitious Clean Power Plan. The sweeping regulatory initiative, unveiled [Monday] in its final form, aims at transforming the nation’s electricity-production system to slash emissions of climate-disrupting air pollution."

Source: Texas Climate News, 08/05/2015


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