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"Glut of Solar Panels Poses a New Threat to China"

"BEIJING -- China in recent years established global dominance in renewable energy, its solar panel and wind turbine factories forcing many foreign rivals out of business and its policy makers hailed by environmentalists around the world as visionaries. But now China’s strategy is in disarray. Though worldwide demand for solar panels and wind turbines has grown rapidly over the last five years, China’s manufacturing capacity has soared even faster, creating enormous oversupply and a ferocious price war."

Source: NY Times, 10/05/2012

"Debate: Obama Backs Green Energy, Romney Backs Black"

"DENVER -- The deep division between President Barack Obama’s green energy policies and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney’s preference for coal and tar sands oil were apparent in their first presidential debate tonight in Denver."

"Challenged by Obama to explain his plan for the country if he is elected on November 6, Romney replied, 'My plan has five basic parts. One, get us energy independent, North American energy independent. That creates about four million jobs.'

Source: ENS, 10/04/2012

Big Oil Huddles With Obama's First Friend and Refining Rules Stall

"At 9:30 a.m. on a warm day in March, eight men and two women stepped off Pennsylvania Avenue and into the northwest gate of the White House. They were top-level refining executives from the world's largest oil companies, Chevron Corp., Marathon Petroleum Corp. and BP PLC, escorted by Jack Gerard, the brash president of the American Petroleum Institute, the oil industry's top lobby."

Source: EnergyWire, 10/03/2012

"Hydrofracking: It Has Polarized Voters and May Decide the Election"

"BINGHAMTON -- Broome County Executive Debbie Preston has been a consistent supporter of natural gas drilling in the Southern Tier, but challenger Tarik Abdelazim speaks passionately against hydrofracking until more studies are done."

Source: Binghamton Press, 10/01/2012


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