Environmental Politics

Markey Panel Holds Hearing on Forged Coal Letters Thursday

"A congressional panel will hold a hearing Thursday into those forged letters urging lawmakers to oppose climate change legislation. The letters purported to come from minority, senior, and veterans' groups, but in fact were sent by Bonner & Associates, a GOP-aligned astroturf lobbying firm, on behalf of a coal industry client."
Source: TPM Muckraker, 10/14/2009

"AP Interview: White House Expands Climate Campaign"

"The group of Cabinet secretaries and White House advisers who meet regularly to craft the president's energy and environmental agenda now numbers 13, double what it was during the administration's early days. It's just one of the signs that the administration is stepping up its push to pass energy and climate legislation this year."
Source: AP, 10/09/2009


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