"Americans Like Home Electrification — But Also Still Love Their Gas Stoves"

"Less than one-third of Americans want a fully electric home. That number jumps to 60 percent if they can keep cooking with gas."

"Most Americans would prefer to live in a home where almost all major appliances run on electricity — but only if they can keep their gas stoves. Just 31 percent want to go fully electric.

Researchers asked roughly 1,000 people to what extent they would prefer to have their appliances powered by electrons or fossil fuels (natural gas, propane, or oil). It was the first time such a question was included in the long-running Climate Change in the American Mind survey, conducted by Yale and George Mason universities. The surveys, which started in 2008, are conducted biannually to track attitudes toward climate-related issues, such as electrification.

“We realized we didn’t really have a baseline for what people actually want,” said Jennifer Marlon, a research scientist at the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication who helped design the question and push for its inclusion. Combine those who said they would go fully electric with the 29 percent who would do so except for their gas stove, and 6 in 10 Americans are ready to decarbonize. ”As a starting point, this is quite encouraging.”"

Tik Root reports for Grist December 11, 2023.

Source: Grist, 12/13/2023